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Review is what the Australian Square Dance Review is affectionately known as.

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The Australian Square Dance Review is Published by the National Square Dance Society of Australia Inc

The Australian Square Dance Review is the longest running Square Dance Magazine in the Pacific Region.

There were 10 issues a year but from January 2017 the Review became a Quarterly magazine.

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* As from Jan 2017 there will only be 4 issues published per year.

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Some of the older issues are in poor condition, If you have better copies, please contact us so we can scan them and preserve them as a history of square dancing in Australia.

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The History of Australian Square Dance Review

By Jim White*

In an endeavour to publicise and let dancers know what was going on about National Conventions, I wrote the first square dance magazine in NSW “Let’s go Square Dancing”, the for runner to the South Pacific Square Dance Review*” (now called the “Australian Square Dance review”*).

It was typed on stencils for a Gestetner machine by Madge Griffith and the society secretary Bruce Hinton and helpers copied it off. (There were no photocopiers in those days and printing press products for short runs were too expensive).

Then for a short time it became part of the Love Brothers dance publication on dancing in general until that folded. At that stage we found a small printer who would do it cheaply and renamed it “South Pacific Square Dance Review* as by then we were posting to clubs or societies in every state as well as New Zealand.

Graham Rigby joined us in the production and distribution of the magazine in Queensland. Later all States received copies.

But one of our biggest problems with State distributions was the postal department who either took too long to deliver or who lost the package altogether.

I ceased to be editor in 1958 when I decided to go overseas for 9 months and Tom McGrath took over.

This publication continues to this day be the magazine of the Australian National Conventions.

  • Jim White passed away in November 2016

* South Pacific Square Dance Review was renamed “Australian Square Dance Review” in January 2010 in order to reflect its true place.

Until September 2013 the Publication was produced by the Square Dance Society of New South Wales Inc. 

From October 2013 the Publication has been published by the National Square Dance Society Inc of Australia Inc.

** In January 2017 the publication went from being a paid copy produced 10 times a year, to a Free Online version published 4 times a year.

Square Dance Australia and Australian Square Dance Review are registered business names assigned to the National Square Dance Society of Australia Inc .