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2015 Convention Adelaide
Dancing at a National Convention

There are Square Dance Associations in every State and Territory in Australia and we have provided contact links to these, and they can advise you of your closest Square Dance Club club. Just call us on 1800 643 277 (its a free call) and our friendly team will assist you.

Square Dancing in Australia is corner stoned by National Conventions with each State and Territory taking turns to host it. 

This is a great time to travel, meet old and make new friends as well as dance to some of the leading local and overseas callers.

There is almost 200 Square Dance Clubs in Australia.

Almost all these clubs are run by a dedicated group of Callers, their partners and other dancers. 

With most being held on a weekly basis.

While Modern Square Dancing is the major activity, there are other dance forms that are combined to give some diversity.

These being Round Dancing, Clogging, Contra and in some cases, Line Dancing

One of the many pleasures of Modern Square Dancing is that once learned, you can dance in any country as the calls are done in English in everywhere .

This expands your options on things to do when on overseas travel.

For those that love traveling in Australia, there is even a group of dancers dedicated to this. They Call themselves T.A.W.S which is short for, Traveling Australia With Squaredancers. More information on all these activities can be found on their website

Another information source for Square Dancing in Australia is our online magazine called the Australian Square Dance Review.

This contains up to date happenings of Square Dancing and related dance forms in Australia.

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